Department of Defense Directive 1020.1


This document is to provide information to families and professionals about the establishment of the instructions regarding the nondiscrimination of individual with disabilities within any Department of Defense (DoD) controlled installation within the Continental United States.  This document is not an interpretation or review of official DoD regulation, directive or instruction.


What is 1020.1?

1020.1 is the Department of Defense Instruction that implements Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act P.L. 93-112, which is the nondiscrimination of individuals with disabilities.


What does 1020.1 do?

P.L. 93-112 states simply that no federally funded entity may discriminate on the basis of disability.  With that in mind, 1020.1 addresses the issue of nondiscrimination in two areas:

    1. Employment of DoD support personnel, such as GS and NAP employees.
    2. Accessibility of services and facilities owned by the Department of Defense that is open to all eligible persons.  Some examples of services and facilities are: schools, medical treatment facilities, Child and Youth Services, Post Chapels, Post Library and similar public use areas and services.


What else does 1020.1 do?

1020.1 also establishes a means to file complaints regarding discrimination or inaccessibility based on disabilities.  The investigation into complaints is either through the EEOC or a designee, and a resolution to the complaint is to be sought in a timely manner.


Where does 1020.1 apply?

It is better to ask where it does not apply, which is in overseas locations.  As Section 504 does not apply overseas, neither does the instruction implementing this law for the DoD.  It does apply to any installations/DoD property within CONUS.

While there is no requirement for DODI 1020.1 to apply overseas, the Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) has developed rules for the use of accommodation plans consistent with Section 504 requirements within all of their systems.  Arguably, this may open the door for DODI 1020.1 compliance in those DODEA settings.


Where can I find more information?

E-mail STOMP at
Write STOMP at 6316 S. 12th St, Tacoma, WA  98465 or call 1-800-572-7368


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