Healthcare in Transition

  There are many transitions in the life of a child impacted by disabilities.  One transition that is often set on the back burner is the medical transition from pediatric to adult care.  This transition can be significant for a young adult with developmental or intellectual disabilities because they then become the individual responsible for […]

Young boy with special waler

Assistive Tech. from a PAVE Parent’s Perspective

[wpdm_file id=79] At the age of four, our son began to show signs that he was falling behind developmentally.  We witnessed a child who had once loved engaging with his books and coloring, to one that no longer had any interest in books and specifically avoided any kind of writing or art.  Additional signs and sensory […]

A Youth’s Perspective-The Journey of Willa

Article by Alyssa McCormic Many students have severe anxiety coupled with conditions like ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), PDD/NOS, and other high functioning conditions.  This month’s panel shows that often times, as in Willa’s case, it is all she can do to make it through the day, let alone remembering to write down assignments.  As you […]

ABA Therapy now Approved for Apple Health for Kids (Medicaid)

ABA Therapy Now Approved for Apple Health for Kids (Medicaid) [cc_widget id=”2″] Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is a new benefit for families who have children enrolled in Apple Health for Kids (Medicaid). Many families may not be aware of this program or how to access it for their families.  This article will hopefully provide […]


Muchos han escrito sobre la autoabogacía y los derechos de las personas con incapacidades para abogar, o hablar por sí mismos. Para muchos padres que he ayudado con los IEPs de sus niños, el pensar que su niño tiene algo que decir en lo que el o ella quiere es un proceso natural. Sin embargo, […]


El establecimiento de contactos es una habilidad de super-vivencia que todos los padres deben tener. Es más crítico para los padres que tienen niños con discapacidades. Cuando le pregunto a mi hijo, “¿Eres feliz?”, su sonrisa me lo dice todo. Su sonrisa es mi indicador a la pregunta, “¿Es Kyle feliz con su vida?” Esa […]