Community Inclusion Program (CIP)

What is the Community Inclusion Program?

The Community Inclusion Program (CIP) is a family friendly monthly meeting designed to empower people of all abilities to access community services, resources, activities and programs.

At each meeting you will find:

  • Disability related resources and information
  • Networking with other parents
  • Support group information
  • Child activities for younger kids
  • Youth program for age 10 and older
  • Opportunities to build friendships
  • Interpreter services upon request


The Community Inclusion Program offers activities and training opportunities for youth in each geographical area (Eastside, Peninsula, and Westide). The CIP youth leadership team is made up of youth with and without disabilities who volunteer their time to plan community events such as: dances, retreats, game nights, potlucks, picnics, and more! The youth leadership team meets once a month to plan these events.

The CIP Youth program has a long tradition of peer mentoring and natural supports that encourage friendship and understanding. Opportunities to earn community service hours at friendship events and activities throughout the year are also available.

CIP is holding a fundraising event on April 1st 2016 in Gig Harbor WA.  Pay It Forward is an evening of fun, community building and raising vital funds!.
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