Become a PTI Community Volunteer

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PAVE Parent Training and Information Program Community Volunteer

Would you like to assist others in getting the help for an appropriate education for a child with special needs?  

Become a PAVE Parent Training and Information Program Community Volunteer!  Learn more about rights and responsibilities in the special education and 504 systems and help others with your knowledge by volunteering your skills and time with the PAVE Parent Training and Information Program. Help others advocate for their children with disabilities.


Job Description

PTI Volunteer (small)

  1. Attend meetings with individuals requesting support from the Parent Training and Information Project.
  2. Assist with future planning.
  3. Provide specific information about rights, procedures, and resources that can assist the individual who is disabled, their parents, other family members, or representatives.
  4. At all times honor confidentiality of individuals seeking assistance from the Parent Training and Information Project.
  5. Assist in establishing workshops, trainings and seminars on topics of interest to members of community.
  6. Assist with distribution of materials to individuals requesting information or inquiring about training opportunities.
  7. Assist with publicity, as requested.
  8. Keep accurate records of assistance and support provided. Submit to the Project Coordinator in a timely manner, no less frequently than quarterly.
  9. Attend meetings and in-service training set up by Project Coordinator.
  10. Maintain links with local resources in the community that will assist families.
  11. Clear any statements about the Program or on behalf of the organization prior to release.
  12. Other duties/activities as agreed upon with the Program Coordinator.

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Training Requirements

Part I:

Completion of two full-day workshops which include information on the laws governing the provision of special education to those students who qualify and the application of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 for students with disabilities who do not qualify for special education. The information you need also includes: the process to determine eligibility for special education or 504 services (evaluation), the development of the IEP or 504 plan, and parent and student procedural safeguards. Effective communication techniques are an integral part of all workshops since the partnership between parents and school district personnel is vital to developing and maintaining appropriate educational programs. Attendance in at least 3 IEP or educational meetings with the area PTI Coordinator. Permission from the student’s guardian is required for attendance at the meeting.

Part II:

Completion of the PTI Community Volunteer workshop. This workshop provides more specific information on particular topics of interest or urgency in working with families in Washington State. It also includes opportunities to practice one-to-one assistance techniques, understand confidentiality practices, brainstorming sessions on how to work with various situations and a discussion of PAVE’s policies in providing “advocacy” with parents.

Part III:

Completion of a PAVE Volunteer Questionnaire and Confidentiality Agreement. These forms provide us with the information we need to be able to connect you with parents in your area needing assistance. It also emphasizes the unequivocal need for confidentiality in all that you do to assist parents.
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