Specialized Training Of Military Parents (STOMP)



STOMP, a parent-directed program, exists to empower military parents, individuals with disabilities, and service providers with knowledge, skills, and resources so that they might access services to create a collaborative environment for family and professional partnerships without regard to geographic location.

STOMP Philosophy


We believe that parents should be the primary spokesperson for their child until the child is confident and able to share that responsibility. We believe that a child with special educational needs has the right to an education developed to address his or her unique needs and abilities whether they are academic, social, vocational or behavioral.

We believe that the STOMP staff and volunteers should never take the role of the parent, but instead should provide information, assistance and training to enable the parent to feel confident in their role as their child’s best advocate.

STOMP Workshops

STOMP can provide workshops to include a combination of topics pertaining to military families.  The workshop agenda of each installation will be tailored to best meet the needs and concerns of families at the specific  installation, taking into account the unique location of the installation.

Workshop topics can include:

  • In depth information about parents rights and responsibilities (IDEA, 504, DODEA, FERPA, IEP, IFSP)  in achieving special education services for their children whether located in the United States or overseas.
  • Accessing educational and medical records and developing a comprehensive home file.
  • Accessing resources in both current duty stations and future assignments enabling expedient transition to new services.
  • Making informed decisions with respect to overseas assignments & DODEA.
  • Working effectively with military systems such as TRICARE, ECHO, and the EFMP.