Reports to: STOMP Director     

Position Summary: The Specialized Instructor is a casual employee* of PAVE and is responsible for providing approved curriculua to contracted installations. PAVE has a contract to complete live virtual and in-person workshops nationally and overseas with the U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force. The Specialized Instructor will set-up the training and co-present the curricula with another Specialized Instructor or Parent Center Staff to enhance the knowledge of military families, personnel, and other attendees. The Specialized Instructor is responsible for facilitating the wisdom in the room and fostering relationships among attendees.

The Specialized Instructor will be providing trainings for Specialized Training of Military Parents (STOMP), a Program of PAVE. The STOMP Program provides live virtual, one and two-day in-person workshops, and one-hour webinars throughout the United States and overseas for military families and military personnel. STOMP training provides families with federal information to gain a better understanding of how to navigate through educational and medical systems when they have a child who has exceptional/special needs.

Job Responsibilities:

Instruction of Adult Learners/Training:

  • Provide in-person and online workshops which includes distributing, collecting, and providing materials to the STOMP Director in a timely manner (e.g. registration, evaluations, training handouts, interactive session materials, etc.).
  • Co-present the developed curricula on the topics selected by the installation Point of Contact (POC) with a professional, supportive, and interactive manner ensuring the required training hours are met.
  • Partner with all personnel – military, parent center, co-presenters, educators, community members, etc. – to assure high-quality customer service, including responsive and respectful communication.
  • Facilitate collaborative relationships and ensure an equitable, inclusive, and a welcoming learning environment is created for all attendees. This includes inviting and facilitating the wisdom in the room (e.g. EFMP/SLO personnel, parents, area school personnel, etc.), especially during in-person workshops.  
  • Observe, listen, clarify, and provide any suggested changes for workshop content, interactive sessions, and any other continuous improvement recommendations by co-presenters, attendees, and other personnel to the STOMP Director.
  • Provide information in a prompt manner, after the completion of any training for the After-Action Report (AAR) utilizing observation, evaluation information, and feedback received during trainings to the STOMP Director.

Military Family Support:

  • Enhance the knowledge, understanding, and abilities of military parents to assist and support their child or exceptional family member.
  • Be a conduit to connect families with military and community resources, military personnel, parent center staff, and/or within school and local systems for their loved one.
  • Invest in your ongoing development and knowledge of local, military, and national resources to assist families.

Job Requirements for all Staff (including Casual Employees):

  • Maintain confidentiality of families and other staff members.
  • Be prompt in arriving at workshops, meetings, and trainings.
  • Submit accurate time sheets at the end of each pay period.
  • Attend and participate in training and development as scheduled.
  • Put your schedule on the Shared Calendar in Outlook regularly.
  • Assist other staff in meeting timelines, co-presenting, reports, etc.
  • Serve as host or hostess if needed.
  • Other duties as assigned.

*Casual employees are employees who do not have regular or systematic hours of work or an expectation of continuing work. A typical casual employee is employed on a daily basis when the need arises. Casual employees do not normally work set hours and do not get paid sick or annual leave.

The job description covers major job requirements and is not meant to be the only source for what activities the Specialized Instructor might be expected to assist with. There may be other duties as assigned. This position requires interaction with training coordinator who assigns all workshops and the Associate Director who will be responsible for oversight of employee activities. Since this is a position held by a casual employee there is no expectation for employee benefits nor is there a promise for any employment opportunities beyond the contract period. The job description and activities outlined herein do not constitute a contract nor does it remove PAVE’s at-will employment capabilities.

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