Online – P2P Health Talk An experiential introduction to the Feldenkrais Method® ; Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement®Stay calm and comfortable and wake up your child’s brain

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An experiential introduction to the Feldenkrais Method® & Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement®

Monday, June 8th: Staying calm, grounded and ready for anything during chaotic times (keeping your back happy in the process)

In this session, you’ll experience a gentle movement lesson that leaves you feeling balanced and limber. We’ll use your experience of how quickly your body and mood can change to give you a taste of how this can work for your child.

Monday, June 15th: Waking up your child’s brain

We’ll use short movement lessons that highlight each of Anat Baniel’s 9 essentials for waking up the brain. You’ll leave with a changed understanding and new concrete ideas for getting more out of your daily interactions with your child.


Irene Pasternack and Ed Mills work in-person and online to help children with special needs and their families. They use the Feldenkrais Method and the Anat Baniel Method to help children improve their movement, and even more importantly, improve their ability to learn. They also work with parents to improve skills at creating the conditions for waking up the brain for learning. After discovering the power of these methods in their own lives and with their children, they went back to school to learn how to help others experience the new possibilities that arise when pain is gone and the ability to learn new skills improved. They opened their business, Move Beyond Limits, in 2010.

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