Online – Strengthening Early Learning Transitions Conversations

Strengthening Early Learning Transitions
PAVE Parent Training and Information (PTI) program is partnering with WA State Early learning partners to
listen to families about their experiences.
Who should participate: Families of children who have experienced early intervention
services, preschool or kindergarten
What to expect: Families sharing their own child’s experience moving into early
intervention, preschool, or kindergarten.
The goal: To learn from families to strengthen early learning transitions in Washington.
Consider these three questions and talk about them with us in a listening session or
1. What are your hopes and dreams for your child as they enter preschool or
2. What are your fears and challenges?
3. What does success look like for your child?
There is a $25 gift card available for registered participants.
When: (Please register for only 1 session.)
Thursday, May 5th, 2022  Lunch Session Noon – 1:30 PM

Where: Zoom (link for each session will be emailed the day of the event)
Registration links:
Questions: Mari Taylor, Transitions Specialist at