Title: Fiscal Manager                                                                   Reports to: Executive Director

Position Summary: The Fiscal Manager is responsible for overseeing all agency finance and accounting functions including cash flow management, grant allocation, preparation of monthly and year-end financial reports, audits, form 990 tax return, and payroll. The Fiscal Manager ensures compliance with changes in accounting standards and reporting requirements. Other significant responsibilities include human services support to the Leadership Team and fiscal support for all grants and contract monitoring reviews. All activities should be performed in a timely and accurate manner, with a high level of quality and customer service.

Summary of Job Responsibilities:

  • Oversee accounting operations
    • Manage accounts receivable
    • Manage accounts payable
    • Reconcile bank accounts
    • Prepare cash flow projections, analytics & forecasts as needed
    • Close books quarterly and annually
    • Perform cost allocations across grants & functional expense categories
    • Track restricted vs unrestricted funds
    • Perform federal grant drawdowns as needed
    • Manage support staff as needed
    • Coordinate w/ contracted CPA as needed
    • Maintain database of fixed assets & calculation of depreciation expense
  • Payroll
    • Prepare monthly and semi-monthly payroll
    • Support Directors and staff with online payroll system (EWS)
    • Initiate ACH via PAVE’s bank for multi-step authorization
    • Reconcile and track benefits – paid time off accruals, retirement contributions
    • Complete all required payroll tax deposits
  • Report preparation
    • Prepare quarterly and annual reports to the Board of Directors, including:
      • Statement of Activities, Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Cash Flows and other reports as needed – in accordance with the accounting controls and goals while supporting PAVE’s values of accountability and stewardship.
    • Prepare & submit all payroll reports
    • Prepare grant reports as required by funders
  • Audits Coordination & Tax Return Preparation
    • Coordinate with and support independent auditors for preparation of Audited Financial Statements including:
      • Reconciliation of all financial accounts
      • Preparation of support schedules as needed
      • Evaluation of recommended adjusting journal entries
    • Provide audit firm with additional information as needed to prepare the form 990 tax return
    • Oversee worker’s compensation & payroll audits as needed
  • Administrative functions
    • Manage liability and other insurance policies including
      • Overseeing Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
      • Preparation of funder required renewal
      • Manage addition and revision of certificates of coverage
    • Problem solve administrative matters such as billing errors and service problems.
    • Assist Program Directors with budget analysis & best practices for compliance with state and federal laws
    • Recommend continual process improvements for all tracking & reporting functions
  • Human Resources
    • Assist with all new staff hired (e.g. EWS, 90-Day Orientation tasks, onboarding, etc.)
    • Assist and provide support to Directors of all key records per required periodic basis (e.g. Background Checks every 3 years, CPR/1st Aide/Blood Borne Pathogens, Mental Health CPR, Unauthorized Practice of the Law, Confidentiality, Orientation documentation, evaluations, etc.)
    • Wage and hour law compliance
    • Management of benefits and paid time off policies and programs
    • Recruit, hire, train, support and evaluate staff supervised by this position

Job Requirements for all Staff:

  • Maintain confidentiality of those you work with and other staff members
  • Be prompt in arriving at work sites, meetings, and workshops
  • Submit accurate (pre-approved) invoices at the end of each pay period
  • Attend and participate in staff meetings
  • Assist other staff in meeting deadlines

The job description covers major job requirements and is not meant to be the only source for what activities this position might be expected to assist with. There may be other duties as assigned. This position requires interaction with administrative staff and the public. The job description and activities outlined herein do not constitute a contract nor does it remove PAVE’s at-will employment.

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