Title: Lifespan Respite Program Assistant

Reports to: Chief Financial Officer

Position Summary: The Lifespan Respite Program Assistant will assure those seeking respite and the service providers they select receive prompt exemplary customer service, support and assistance throughout the process. This will include invoicing, tracking funding, reporting data and assisting with the program’s overall outreach, marketing and education activities.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate and support respite service providers/vendors by following program guidelines to ensure members have support from application to billing to supporting those seeking respite (e.g. marketing, direct customer contact, surveys, data management, reporting, invoicing, website updates, copying, emailing, etc.)
  • Accurately follow-through and monitor all service provider/vendor applications and provide prompt, exemplary customer service in coordination with other program staff as needed
  • Send invoices on a timely basis and run financial reports to provide information on the status of the voucher process according to regular, systematic time periods
  • Facilitate and support the respite voucher process by assisting applicants, as needed by following program guidelines (e.g. marketing, website updates, data entry and management, scanning, copying, etc.)
  • Assist the Lifespan Respite Program team with community education, awareness and marketing that is culturally-relevant and linguistically-appropriate to increase its capacity throughout WA State
  • Provide support in gathering data and outcomes about the program as required by the project work plan
  • Attend regular meetings with the Lifespan Respite Program team, including coalition members and other community stakeholders and respite members
  • Assist in the coordination of any respite summits and/or other statewide meetings with partner agencies, professionals, and constituents, as needed

Job Requirements for all Staff:

  • Maintain confidentiality of families, youth, and other staff members.
  • Be prompt in arriving at work site, meetings, and workshops.
  • Submit accurate (pre-approved) invoices at the end of each pay period.
  • Attend and participate in staff meetings as requested.
  • Assist other staff in meeting timelines.
  • Local travel will be required and reimbursed as applicable by PAVE

The job description covers major job requirements and is not meant to be the only source for what activities the Youth Mentor might be expected to assist with. There may be other duties as assigned. This position requires interaction with administrative staff and the public. The job description and activities outlined herein do not constitute a contract nor does it remove PAVE’s at-will employment.