Title: Parent Resource Coordinator 

Reports to: Program Director

Position Summary:  The Parent Resource Coordinator (PRC) provides informational resources, training, one-to-one support, as needed, and facilitates collaborative partnerships with local, regional, and state nonprofits, for-profit and government entities, and their representatives for system change. To accomplish this, the PRC obtains, expands and continuously improves their knowledge and training abilities through ongoing training, reflection, and supervision as it relates to Early Intervention, Special Education, Section 504, General Education, and career and college readiness systems.

Job Responsibilities

Special Education Support and Training:

  • Support and assistance so that families, caregivers, youth, and family members learn, grow and develop skills to effectively advocate for their educational needs.
  • Provide presentations and workshops in-person, via webinars and/or low-tech conference calls for parents, youth and other professionals.
    • Identify needed topics and sites in collaboration with local groups/agencies.
    • Assist with dissemination of marketing materials (i.e. share emails, hand-deliver flyers, post on Social Media, etc.) in coordination with PAVE’s Communication Specialist.
    • Assure sign-in of attendees and evaluations are disseminated and recorded.
    • Prepare and submit workshop data.
  • Attend and/or coordinate resource fairs with local partners.
  • Write/design training materials, as requested.
  • Ongoing learning of the priority topics for parent centers** with an emphasis on special education and related laws, rules, policies and regulations to continuously improve your knowledge in this role and to support families, their children and youth.
  • Effectively utilize technology on a daily basis to perform all job duties and PAVE’s data management tool.

Outreach and Volunteers:

  • Provide outreach to include families and students from underserved populations.
  • Build professional community collaborative partnerships by attending, being involved and/or assisting with local area meetings, conferences and/or committees (i.e. Family Youth and System Partner Round Tables by region (FYSPRTS), Interagency Coordinating Councils, special needs PTAs, etc.).
  • Assist with social media, e-newsletter articles, flyers, and attendance of partner events to share information of the PTI across the state.
  • In coordination with PAVE’s Volunteer Coordinator, train and provide ongoing support to identified PTI volunteers and provide ongoing support to PTI volunteers to assure their professional growth, knowledge and capacity building for effective special education technical assistance to parents, youth, families, caregivers, etc.
  • Support your continuous improvement and volunteers’ customer service in alignment with PAVE’s policies and practices (e.g. Confidentiality, HIPPA compliance, Unauthorized Practice of the Law (UPL), Communication/Resource Fairs, Personnel Handbook, etc.)

 Job Requirements for all Staff:

  • Maintain confidentiality of families and other staff members.
  • Be prompt in arriving at work site, meetings, and workshops.
  • Submit accurate paperwork on time.
  • Time sheets must be submitted at the end of each pay period to include description of work performed.
  • Attend and participate in staff meetings and trainings as scheduled.
  • Maintain individual office space.
  • Assure your schedule is current on the Shared Calendar
  • Assist other staff throughout the office in meeting timelines.
  • Perform share of general office maintenance.
  • Other duties as assigned.


** Priority Topics for Parent Centers: See all and map out your professional development 

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