Fresh cut lemons set the theme for the PAVE 2021 Auction "Recipe for Empowerment"

Why donate and How You can help youth!

Do you know a small business that would like to promote their goods or services and help youth? 

Do you shop, buy from, or support a business that may donate goods or services and we promote their business? 

Why are we asking? 

PAVE is a not-for-profit that provides support, training, information, and resources to empower and give voice to individuals, youth and families impacted by disabilities.  Some of our youth programs rely on the funds raised during our annual event.   


Businesses and individuals donate goods, services, vacation homes, experiences, wine and spirits, sports-related items and more!  PAVE hosts an online event with that will kick-off on Saturday, October 16th at 7 pm with local broadcaster, sports aficionado, and auctioneer Stephen Kilbreath!  Stephen’s entertaining and conversational style will introduce guests to the LIVE auction items and bring attention to the silent auction items!  There is always some fun surprises, great gift items, area get-a-ways, and a moment to give up your latte money for the week and GIVE to an excellent cause!  Our WA Youth who experience a disability.   

You got that right!  You bid, You bid and when you win your valuable, hard-earned funds support youth who experience a disability! Come just to cheer on those who are bidding!

Dollars Raised help… 

  • Peer-to-Peer Mentors share their recipes for empowerment in mapping their path to High School graduation, imagining life after High School, job exploration, independent living, and career and college readiness.  
  • Over 250 youth attended or viewed on-demand 9 interactive sessions at the Tools 4 Success Conference!  All of these sessions are available to watch with their friends, peers, and family 24/7. 
  • PURPAS offers time to connect socially for youth on the Autism Spectrum, practice and enhance their independent living skills, and job readiness.  To share information with one another they create videos like Randy’s video on the Importance of Hygiene. 
  • Navigating healthcare options takes life-long skill development.  During this time of a global pandemic listening to youth share from their lived experience is vital – for us all. In “Stay Stubborn! One Girl’s Self-Determination while Navigating Healthcare” we all learn some of Kyann’s key ingredients for her recipe for self-determination! 
  • Listen to youth share their wisdom and watch a video about Healthcare Transition and Medical Self-Advocacy. In this video, young adults living with various disability and medical conditions talk about their journey in the adult healthcare system. Take a look and listen to what they have to say in their own words!

Please help us get donations of goods and services so we can keep empowering our youth! 

Grab this letter and donation form and GO ask businesses you know to help us! 

  1. A letter to send or share: Donation Letter to send/share when asking ​​Download 
  1. A form to enter new items or services: Donation Form to enter donations 

​Submit to Linda Hickman or Call: (253)565-2266, ext. 112