An arrow is displayed signifying forward movement. The words Forward with Hope PAVE Annual Event for November 19th 2020 Auction November 14-19 FAQs

What is the celebration all about?

The vision of PAVE began in 1979 when Pierce County was identified as one of 6 locations within the United States to receive training regarding Special Education rights of children and parents. Thirty parents began the vision while sitting around a kitchen table filled with a hope and desire for families to be seen and valued for their knowledge of their child.

The heart of the work is surrounding education, inclusion, rights, and health care for children, youth and young adults with disabilities. PAVE’s focus on providing individualized, one-to-one, and peer-to-peer support, training, information and resources for military and civilian families and individuals remains the central threads of all programs of PAVE.
Your intersection with PAVE connects you with its vibrant history!  On behalf of all that initially gathered and all who have been, are currently, and will be served by PAVE, thank you.  Your support of PAVE ensures it is a thriving, responsive, outcome-based organization for the public good.

​Why are we raising money?

To further our mission: PAVE provides support, training, information and resources to empower and give voice to individuals, youth and families impacted by disabilities. We envision an inclusive community that values the unique abilities, cultures, voices, contributions and potential of all individuals. All proceeds raised will extend the support and assistance provided by the Programs of PAVE that focus on youth centered and youth led activities.