Q & A – Behavior

Emergency Response Protocol

Q:  I was at an IEP meeting the other day for my son who is in a “behavior” class.  They presented me with a form that I had never seen before titled ‘Emergency Response Protocol Addendum To IEP”.  My son already has a Functional Behavior Assessment and a Behavior Intervention Plan which is working for him and I didn’t understand why the Team wanted to include this as well.  What is the purpose of this form and should I sign it?

A:  This form is relatively new and is in response to notifying parents of the emergency conditions under which isolation, restraint or a restraint device may be used with a student.  It should describe the emergency conditions that may be used, the type of isolation, and name the staff who have been trained.  It should also specify any special precautions that must be taken if the student is not able to deescalate within a specified time. It asks for your consent.  As part of that consent the school wants you to understand that if you refuse to sign this form the district is still obligated to provide your student with a Free Appropriate Public Education. (FAPE).  It also clearly states that in the case of an emergency a district may use isolation, restraint, or a restraint device.

If you do decide that it is prudent to agree with the provisions outlined on the form you might also want to include a timeline of when and how you will be notified.

If you have any questions please contact our Parent Training & Information PTI program.