Surviving Parenthood

A parent received a call from her son’s middle school art teacher.

He asked if she could drop by after school to discuss her child’s art project.  Thinking that her “darling” might have finally shown some artistic ability she arrived at the classroom expecting that he might have won a prize or was going to be nominated for an award.

The art teacher produced a large piece of pottery that resembled a bowl with a stem, something Sherlock Holmes might have used.

This parent was confused—it didn’t look like anything that would win a prize. Ever the supportive mother, she was willing to be “proud” until she was told by the teacher that he was pretty certain it was an attempt to make paraphernalia that was not allowed at school.  Apparently, this misguided little artist wasn’t the first to try this and probably would not be the last.

The parent was sent home with the object.  Rest assured, the object caused major communication between that student and his parents.  The piece of art sits carefully tucked away, unused.