Our mission

PAVE provides support, training, information and resources to empower and give voice to individuals, youth and families impacted by disabilities. 

Our vision

We envision an inclusive community that values the unique abilities, cultures, voices, contributions and potential of all individuals. 

Our values

  • Collaborative Partnerships

Definition: Agreements and shared work among people from organizations that join resources and knowledge to accomplish mutual goals.

  • Compassionate Co-Conspirators

Definition: Compassionate Co-Conspirators are actively anti-racist, are willing and ready to cede power while using privilege to invite others to lead and are uncompromising in providing high-quality education for BIPOC children and children experiencing special needs/disabilities.

  • Equity

Definition: We value equity as the state in which all individuals and families have access and support for what they need to survive and thrive.

  • Opportunities and Choice

Definition: An ability to exercise free will in our decision when faced with 2 or more options to obtain an objective.

  • Valuing Diversity and Inclusion

Definition: We thrive when we empower families and individuals to communicate their opinion knowing that diversity and inclusion promote self-sufficiency, independence, interdependence, accountability, and responsibility.

Outcomes PAVE aims to achieve

  • Enhanced knowledge of parents/caregivers, families and individuals with disabilities/special needs
  • Tools, information and resources for you, as a parent/care-giver of a child with disabilities and/or special health care needs and for youth, with and without disabilities
  • Increased self-reliance of parents/caregivers, families and individuals with disabilities/special needs
  • Inclusion in one’s community, wider opportunities and understanding of the neighbors, friends, and co-workers who have disabilities!
  • Community acceptance, tolerance and understanding of individuals with disabilities/special needs