Programs of PAVE

The Family to Family Health & Information Center (F2FHIC), is a program that serves families who have children and youth with special health care needs age birth to 26 years. We provide individual information on advocating for your child in the health care system and refer you to resources that are available in Washington State that provide information on health care.

Person Centered Planning Program (PCP), Focused on Pierce County, this program provides ongoing training for facilitators, as well as support for parents and self-advocate mentors through person centered plans utilizing maps and graphics. We work in partnership with school districts and can contract privately for individual plans.

Parent Training and Information (PTI) Center, helps parents and other professionals understand and advocate for individuals with a disability in the special education system. PTI coordinators provide family friendly printed information, educational workshops, one to one assistance, attendance at educational meetings when available and support in understanding your rights and responsibility to a free and appropriate public education for your child with special needs.

Pierce County Parent to Parent (P2P), provides emotional support and information on community resources for parents who have a child with a disability or chronic health need. Helping Parent Volunteers and staff assist families in coping with many challenging experiences and feelings and can contact families by phone, home visits, or hospital visits.

Spark Pierce County was established in 2018 through partnership with Pierce County Human Services to teach people with developmental and intellectual disabilities the value of leadership within their communities while enhancing their lives and launching future possibilities. Opportunities include: Self-Advocacy groups, trainings, and workshops, “Train the Trainer” workshops to further excel existing knowledge and leadership skills, Involvement in community events, Learning about local government; how it effects it has on people with disabilities and how people with disabilities can affect it, and finally becoming involved and informed in decisions that impact the individual!

Specialized Training of Military Parents (STOMP), provides one and two-day in-person workshops and one-hour webinars throughout the United States and overseas for military families and military personnel.  Topics include: Rights and Responsibilities (IDEA, IEP), Advocacy, SSI/Medicaid, TRICARE/ECHO/ABA, WILLs, Guardianships & Special Needs Trusts, Networking, IEP and 504 Breakouts. STOMP training provides families with federal information to gain a a better understanding of how to navigate through educational and medical systems when they have a child who has exceptional/special needs.  STOMP workshops and webinars are funded by the Army, Navy and Air Force who determine the locations and workshop or webinar topics per installation.

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