Online – Coffee & Tea with P2P

Coffee & Tea with P2P – This support group is for parents and caregivers seeking support to navigate the various emotions and life adjustments of raising a child, youth, and adult with a disability. This parent group helps connect families to Pierce County community resources, fosters relationships with other parents, and builds a support network for parents feeling isolated. This group meets online twice monthly on the 1st & 3rd Fridays from 10-11 am PT.


  • Open Discussions: During the meetings, parents engage in open and honest discussions about various aspects of parenting children with disabilities. Topics might include navigating the healthcare system, accessing educational resources, managing daily routines, promoting social interactions, and self-care for parents.
  • Shared Experiences: Parents/caregivers share their personal experiences, challenges, and strategies they have found effective in raising children with disabilities.
  • Cultural and Language Sensitivity: Efforts are made to ensure that the group is culturally sensitive and inclusive, respecting the diverse backgrounds and needs of all participants.