F2FHIC Program Specialist Job Description

Reports to: F2FHIC Program Director

Position Summary: The Family-to-Family Health Information Center (F2FHIC) Program Specialist is responsible for coordinating subcontract reporting, community partner communications, web content for two websites connected with the program, supporting meetings and events, program marketing and outreach, and general duties as assigned by the F2FHIC Program Director. This position is also responsible for providing programmatic support (e.g. creation of resource articles, clerical, coordination with communications team, event registration, etc.).

Job Responsibilities

Program Support:

  • Assist the F2FHIC Director, Program Coordinator, and Communications Director in managing the administrative tasks with contracts under F2FHIC such as website content and navigation, website appearance, relevance, and evaluation.
  • Working with the Program Coordinator and the Data and Curriculum Team on evaluation and reporting for grants and contracts.
  • Work with the F2FHIC Program Director, Program Coordinator, and Communications Director to increase articles, webinar, and video information for families, individuals, professionals, and community stakeholders around healthcare access, equity, and supports.
  • Work with the F2FHIC Director, Program Coordinator and the DOH Communications Director, around updating and maintaining the WSLI, Clallam, and the Family Voices of Washington webpages through data entry, maintenance, and support to other organizations needing help with the websites.
  • Assist with organizing and supporting contracted meetings and events as assigned to include, but not limited to, communication/registration with all for dates/times, sending information, taking and sending notes, coordination of presenters, developing and gathering evaluation data etc.

Development and Outreach:

  • Utilize and maintain a communication system to work with subcontractors, Community Partners, Funders, and staff on reporting, invoicing, timelines, and due dates.
  • Work with the Data & Curriculum team to disseminate informational and evaluation materials, resources, and service information to constituents (i.e. families, professionals, community members, co-workers, volunteers, etc.) in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Job Requirements for all Staff:

  • Maintain confidentiality of those you work with and other staff members.
  • Be prompt in arriving at meetings, and workshops and other virtual spaces.
  • Submit accurate timesheets at the end of each pay period.
  • Attend and participate in staff meetings as requested.
  • Assist other staff in meeting deadlines.
  • Local travel to be reimbursed by PAVE

The job description covers major job requirements and is not meant to be the only source for what activities this position might be expected to assist with. There may be other duties as assigned. This position requires interaction with administrative staff and the public. The job description and activities outlined herein do not constitute a contract nor does it remove PAVE’s at-will employment.

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