Person Centered Planning


What Is A Person Centered Plan?

Person Centered Planning is a process focused on celebrating the gifts, talents, and dreams of a person. It involves 3-5 gatherings (1-2 hours long) usually in the person’s home, where friends, family, and others share information in order to support the focus person in moving closer to his or her dreams and goals. Gatherings are led by two facilitators who use a process called MAPPING.

Example PCP Handwritten (Brandon)


    • Some Key Questions & Themes
    • Who Am I – My History
    • Gifts and Talents
    • What Works
    • What Doesn’t Work
    • Needs and Fears
    • Dreams & Goals
    • Action Plans


PCP 2 (T4S pic)

A Unique Process

Person Centered Planning is deeply personal. It is done specifically to listen to a person’s feelings, dreams and goals without judgment. Through graphic recording using pictures and words, facilitators guide the focus person and his or her family to develop action plans that honor the “Whole” person. Action plans address all life areas, school, home and community living.

Scheduling a Person Centered Plan

If you are interested in a Person Centered Plan for your son or daughter, please contact Michele Lehosky by phone at 253-565-2266 or 1(800)5-PARENT, or by email at