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Specialized Training of Military Parents (STOMP)

STOMP Logo - It stands for Specialized Training of Military Parents

STOMP offers virtual workshops across multiple days, two-day in-person workshops and 90-minute webinars throughout the United States and overseas for military families and military personnel of all branches of service. STOMP workshops and webinars are funded by the Army, Navy and Air Force who determine location and topics per installation. The installations served during this multi-year contract are in partnership with parent center staff in the US and its territories.

To find your parent center visit the Center for Parent Information and Resources.

Our Mission/Intent/Purpose

To provide information and resources so that military parents, individuals with disabilities and military personal access services.  We hope as a result of the workshops to enhance the connections and knowledge of all attendees and foster collaborative environments to further enhance family and professional partnerships.

STOMP free workshops and webinars are designed to provide information and resource’s to EFMP military families, individuals with disabilities to help them access and navigate educational and medical services.

When you attend a STOMP workshop or webinar you will learn…

  • Advocacy for your child: Empower yourself with knowledge on educational rights and support services.
  • TRICARE, ECHO, ABA: Access a variety of beneficial services through these programs.
  • Local Resources: Explore community-specific resources catering to your child’s needs.
  • Community Connection: Join a supportive network to share ideas and solutions with like-minded parents and professionals.

“The workshop was awesome and very informative! The experiences shared was invaluable to me and my family.”

STOMP Workshop Participant

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