Workshops and Webinars 

STOMP offers virtual workshops across multiple days, two-day in-person workshops, and one-hour webinars on a variety of topics. STOMP’s hope is to enhance the connections and knowledge of our military families. Some of the topics include Parents Rights and Responsibilities in Achieving Education Services (IDEA, IFSP, IEP, IEP Teams, and 504), Advocacy, TRICARE/ECHO/ABA, PCS Tips (Home Files and FERPA), and Transition Planning (Post Secondary Education, Employment, Independent Living). You can bring in your child’s IEP to learn how they can best be supported!

All STOMP instructors are military affiliated with EFMP family members!

STOMP workshops and webinars are open to all Military Service Members and Families (active duty, retirees, reserve, & DoD personnel)!

STOMP expects to schedule new trainings starting in September.  If you have an installation you want to see STOMP at, email

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