Coming to an Installation Near You

STOMP provides one and two-day in-person workshops and one-hour webinars on a variety of topics to provide families with federal information to gain a better understanding of how to navigate education and medical systems when they have a child who has exceptional /special needs. Some of the topics include Parents Rights and Responsibilities in Achieving Education Services (IDEA, IFSP, IEP, 504, Home files & FERPA), Advocacy, TRICARE/ECHO/ABA, Future and Life Planning (Wills, Guardianship, Supported Decision Making), Transition, and Conflict Resolution. You can bring in your child’s IEP to learn how they can best be supported!

All STOMP instructors are military affiliated with EFMP family members!

Don’t worry if you cannot attend the full day, attend for just the topics of interest, or part or all day – it’s up to you!

If you cannot make a workshop, contact your EFMP or SLO to get information on STOMP’s one-hour webinar.

Are you interested in attending a STOMP workshop? 

STOMP workshops are open to all Military Service Members and Families!

Dates will be posted soon, stay tuned! 

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