Meet our STOMP staff:

Yasmeen Butler, Program Director

Yasmeen is the wife of a retired soldier and mom to three overzealous and competitive boys. She considers herself a lifelong learner and is always ready for new opportunities and experiences. As the Program Director of STOMP, she appreciates the opportunity to create a space of learning and advocacy for our military families. Yasmeen understands the sacrifices of our military and considers it a honor to serve them Yasmeen’s hope is that programs like STOMP exist to break down barriers so that one day inclusion will exist for all our children. 

Dee Bosworth, STOMP Instructor

Dee is married to an active duty sailor and currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida, where their beautiful son was born and later diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Dee is a self-proclaimed training junkie and she is always looking to expand her resource base.  She currently serves as a Navy Ombudsman, and stays active in state and local programs for persons with disabilities.  She is passionate about helping fellow military families, those whose sacrifice inspire her to advocate for a better world for our loved ones with exceptional needs.

Nicole Bougie, STOMP Instructor

Nicole currently resides in North Carolina with her active duty husband and two teenage daughters. One of her daughters is on the Autism Spectrum and has multiple medical conditions. Nicole has served as an Navy Ombudsman and she is passionate about helping other military families find the resources available to them. Nicole enjoys crafting in her spare time.

Katrina Kortegast, STOMP Instructor

Katy is the wife of a retired soldier and mom to two smart, beautiful, and amazing young adults. Her youngest was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of thirteen. She struggled to navigate the military medical system when his diagnosis was made. It has made her passionate about educating and empowering fellow military families to make their journey a little easier.  She currently resides in the Dallas, TX area and when she’s not volunteering to help her community, she enjoys reading, camping, kayaking, and having fun in the great outdoors.

Ginger Manley, STOMP Instructor

Ginger is a mother and spouse to a retired sailor. She and her husband have two sweet and amazing boys who are both on the Autism Spectrum. Ginger has been honored to support and advocate for our military families as a Navy Ombudsman and has been very involved in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) and community special needs programs. Her family enjoys road trips, family time, and they have visited an excessive amount of amusement parks because, according to her children, “roller coasters are our thing!”



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