Guardianship…Annual Letters

Did you know that the Annual Letters of Guardianship Expire? “Guardians are required to provide the Court with periodic reports on the status of the incapacitated person and the administration of the guardianship.  The order which appointed the guardian and subsequent orders approving periodic reports specified and period of 12, 24, 36 months; the report Read More

Guardianship Resources and Family Stories Part 3 of 3 One case where guardianship may have helped – what’s best for your loved one?

“Our son’s life was going along smoothly and when he turned 22 he fell in love for the first time.  He fell hard and unfortunately, the woman he loved found out that he received a social security benefit and decided that our son would become her meal ticket.  The next thing we knew he was Read More

Guardianship Part 2 of 3 Alternatives to Guardianship & Supported Decision Making

RECAP: Guardianship, utilized when a person can no longer make or communicate safe or sound decisions about his/her person and/or property or has become susceptible to fraud or undue influence. Because establishing a guardianship may remove considerable rights from an individual, it should only be considered after alternatives to guardianship have proven ineffective or are Read More

Part 1 of 3 Age of Majority and Guardianship Alternatives to Guardianship; Resources and Family Stories

Guardianship is a big topic for many families and we thought it might help to clarify some of the questions that you might have. This will be a 3 part series and we will discuss many topics including; age of majority, basic guardianship information, provide some alternatives to guardianship and share information about a concept Read More

Tips to Organize Your Child’s Medical and School Documents

Care planning and a well-organized system to keep track of important documents can save time and create comfort during uncertain times. This article provides some tips for building a “care notebook,” which might be a three-ring binder, an accordion file, or a portable file box—whatever makes sense for your organizational style and the types of Read More

Adolescent Health Care Act Provides Options for Families Seeking Mental Health and Substance Use Help for Young People Resistant to Treatment

A Brief Overview The Adolescent Behavioral Health Care Access Act, passed into law by the Washington Legislature in 2019, gives parents and providers more leverage in treating a young person who won’t or can’t independently seek medical help for mental illness and/or substance use disorder. The Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) in March 2020 Read More

Get Ready for School with IEP Essentials

A Brief Overview Each student has abilities and skills. A thoughtful Individualized Education Program (IEP) can highlight abilities and provides the supports needed for the student to learn. This article will help parents understand how to participate in the IEP process. Every part of the IEP is measured against this question: How does this help Read More

Tips to Make a Well-Informed Transition into Life After High School

Tips to Make a Well-Informed Transition into Life After High School A Brief Overview Students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) need to have a Transition Plan written into the IEP by the school year when they turn 16, but it’s never too soon to start talking, planning and envisioning the future. Students can stay Read More

Our Programs

Programs of PAVE The Family to Family Health & Information Center (F2FHIC), helps families of children and youth with special health care needs, and the professionals who serve them, to find healthcare funding. Because children with special health care needs issues are chronic and complex, parents and caregivers are often challenged with finding the resources Read More