Links for Learning in School

IDEA Basics: Individuals With Disabilities Education Act – This 3-minute YouTube video provides foundational information about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the federal law that governs special education.

Office of Superintendent for Public Instruction (OSPI) – Special education law and process, guidance for families, dispute resolution procedures in Washington State and a resource library

Other great OSPI links: OSPI – Graduation Requirements Certificate of Academic / Individual AchievementOSPI – Technical Assistance Specific to the 20 Indicators Child Find

Open Doors – Transition Guide – This is Washington State’s Community Parent Resource Center (CPRC), our sister organization  funded by the Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs  (OSEP). This part of the Open Doors website provides resources relevant to youth (teenagers to age 26) that are culturally relevant and in multiple languages. Focus is intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Child Mind Institute – Advice for parents and information about school impacts when a child has a mental health condition

Office of the Educational Ombudsman (OEO) – Direct support, training materials, newsletter sign-up and community events for families in schools in Washington State

Seattle Children’s Mental Health Referrals – Parents who are struggling to access mental health services anywhere in Washington State can reach out to a referral helpline administered by Seattle Children’s Hospital: 833-303-5437. Please note that your call will be answered electronically, and you will be directed to provide your contact information. You may need to wait a couple of weeks before your call is returned.

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities – Information about many different learning disabilities, what to look for and how and when to seek help. Aspects of special education are described in easy-to-understand formats. 

Useful link in Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities – 6 Principles of IDEA, Individuals and Disabilities Act

The Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR) – A clearinghouse of information and resources related to all aspects of Special Education. Articles are often available in multiple languages, particularly Spanish. Parenting toolkits, videos and articles related to learning challenges are specific and practical

The Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education (CADRE) – Parent guides in English and Spanish that describe informal and also legal options for engaging in a conflict with the school

Wrights Law  – Special education legal principles and court cases that have impacted the interpretation and implementation of special education law