Tracy Kahlo
Executive Director

Elma Rounds
CFO / Office Manager

Linda Hickman
Program Assistant

Nicol Walsh
Communications Specialist

Family to Family Health Information Center (F2FHIC) and Salish Family Youth and Systems Partner Round Table (FYSPRT)

Jill McCormick
Program Director

Olga Leonov
Family to Family Admin Assistant

Shawnda Hicks
Program Coordinator, Salish FYSPRT

Colleen Bradley
Program Coordinator, Salish FYSPRT

Parent Training and Information (PTI) Center

Jennifer Cole
Program Director

Sherry Mashburn
Assistant Director & Parent Resource Coordinator

Rosslyn Bethman
Parent Resource Coordinator

Vanessa Lewis
Parent Resource Coordinator

Socorro Trujillo
Statewide Spanish Speaking Specialist / Parent Resource Coordinator

Jerri Clark
Parent Resource Coordinator

Erin Zerba
Parent Resource Coordinator

Nan Riley 
Helpline Coordinator

Tara Lee Ellis
Helpline Coordinator

LifeSpan Respite

Linda Porter
Program Coordinator

Nincy Erazo
Project Assistant

Parent to Parent (P2P), PURPAS, Start Now! and
Person-Centered Planning (PCP)

Michele Lehosky
Program Director & PCP Mentor, Trainer & Facilitator

Susan Jackson
Program Coordinator, PURPAS & Start Now!

Doreen VanderVort
Program Coordinator, P2P

Caleb Campbell
Leadership Development Training Coordinator

Liz Sarmiento
Family Support Specialist

Specialized Training of Military Parents (STOMP)

Yasmeen Butler
Associate Director

The Branch – Military Parent Technical Assistance Center (MPTAC)

Tracy Kahlo
Project Director

Barb Koumjian
Project Coordinator

Board of Directors

Mike Corcoran

Mike Dolan

Jamie Gilbert

Eric Jaber

Carolyn Jones

Michael Raymond

Daniel Rehberger

Adela Saenz