COVID Considerations for Families to Plan for Fall 2022

A Brief Overview Free COVID vaccinations are available for adults and for children as young as six months. Washington State does not require students to be vaccinated against COVID to enroll for school in the 2022-23 academic year. Local school districts establish their own policies and procedures for health and safety and illness response.   Read More

Long COVID May Cause Disability and Eligibility for Services

Some people infected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus experience long-term symptoms—called Long COVID. If lasting symptoms significantly impact a person’s life, their ability to work, or their access to school, disability laws are in place to protect and support them. Among federal laws that support disability rights are the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Rehabilitation Read More

Health Information for Families as Schools Reopen During COVID Pandemic

As schools open for the 2021-22 school year, families have decisions to make about health and safety. This article provides information and resources to address some key questions: What measures are schools required to take to keep children and staff safe? What COVID precautions should our family consider? What should we do if returning to Read More

Support for Youth Whose Post-High School Plans were Impacted by COVID-19

A Brief Overview Students who did not make adequate progress on IEP goals due to COVID-19 may be eligible for Recovery Services. IEP teams are responsible to make individualized, student-centered decisions about this option for additional educational services. Students who turned 21 and “aged out” of their IEP services during the pandemic may be eligible Read More

COVID-19 and Disability: Access to Work has Changed

By Kyann Flint The world of work is generally not built for the disability community. Federal laws guarantee the right to work and the right to accommodations, but modern-day jobs do not always give each person an opportunity to succeed. Many workers with disabilities must try harder to make the job fit, and some employers Read More

Key Information and Creative Questions for Families to Consider During COVID-19 Closures

A Brief Overview Districts are responsible to provide a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) to students within their boundaries with known or suspected disabilities that significantly impact access to learning. Read on to learn more about FAPE and student rights. Federal and state requirements to ensure that children with qualifying disabilities can access early learning Read More

F2FHIC Program Specialist Announcement

F2FHIC Program Specialist Announcement As an F2F Program Specialist will help children and youth with special healthcare needs, their families, and professionals who serve them.  The successful candidate will provide support and coordination of reporting, assure communication with community partners, web content for two program websites, and assist with marketing and outreach.  This includes research and Read More

F2F Family Navigation Specialist Job Announcement

F2F Family Navigation Specialist Job Announcement As a Family Navigation Specialist, you will provide support, training, information, and resources to assist parents who reside in the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas of WA and experience an IDD and/or are neurodiverse, that are involved with family support service agencies and organizations and/or the Parents Representation Program, if Read More

Glossary of Key Terms for Life After High School Planning

ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act. Prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all public and private places open to the general public. Adult Services: Programs available to support individuals after they become legal adults at 18. Age of Majority: In Washington, 18. An adult is responsible for educational, vocational, financial, and other decisions unless other Read More

Bi/Multicultural and Multilingual Outreach Specialist Job Announcement

Bi/Multicultural and Multilingual Outreach Specialist Job Announcement As a Bi/Multicultural and Multilingual Outreach Specialist for the Parent-to-Parent Program you will serve as a crucial link in ensuring that parents of children with an intellectual/developmental disability (IDD) from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds receive the guidance and resources they need for their child and family. This Read More

LRW Program Specialist – Job Announcement

LRW Program Specialist – Job Announcement The Lifespan Respite Program Specialist will assist caregivers across WA State obtain much needed breaks by utilizing the services of respite providers on the Lifespan Respite Washington (LRW) website. This position’s primary responsibilities will be to support caregivers utilize their funded voucher and assist with the implementing family camp Read More

Measles, Childhood Immunizations, and Washington State

Overview: Full Article: Prior to the COVID 19 outbreak in 2019, Washington State experienced several large outbreaks of measles. Why is that an issue? Measles is a virus that is preventable through immunization (getting a vaccine) and was almost completely eliminated in the United States by 2000. This changed when a social movement popularized the Read More