What is Person Centered Planning?

What it is? Person Centered Planning is a process focused on celebrating the gifts, talents, and dreams of a person, and on helping that person develop action steps to move closer to their dreams and goals. It involves 4-5 gatherings, usually in the person’s home, where friends, family, and others chosen by the family, brainstorm together about how to Read More

Person Centered Planning and Aging Families

At the age of 56, a single parent from the baby boom age, my youngest son is now 26, and at this time in my life I need to plan for my retirement. In a few years I will be heading toward the twilight of my life, so I need to take into account how Read More

Glossary of Key Terms for Life After High School Planning

ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act. Prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all public and private places open to the general public. Adult Services: Programs available to support individuals after they become legal adults at 18. Age of Majority: In Washington, 18. An adult is responsible for educational, vocational, financial, and other decisions unless other Read More

Supported Decision Making is an Option for Adults with Disabilities

A Brief Overview Full Article When a young person turns 18, most decisions are now up to them. In Washington State, age 18 is the “age of majority,” which means a person 18 or older has the right to make their own decisions about education, work, money matters, voting and more. Note: In Washington the Read More

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are getting ready for our 2022 Auction! Your support is even more vital to the PAVE mission and vision. Hope Agent Sponsor $15,000 Supports 5 Youth Mentors share their hope at 35 High Schools across WA for a full year.  Now more than ever youth need to see and hear what’s possible for their Read More

I want the kind with the people and the pictures

By John O’Brien After a Difficult Start… Institutionalized from age three to twenty-three in a place where “they treated us like animals”– Mike has composed a good life, taking many valued roles: husband, father, worker, home owner, friend, organizer, advocate, mentor, teacher, neighbor.[1] Anticipating the changes that come with aging, Mike requested funding for a person-centered Read More

Developmental Disabilities Ombuds

By Tim McCue Self Advocacy Educator Pronouns: he/him/his Office of Developmental Disabilities Ombuds The Developmental Disabilities Ombuds; what are they all about? Are you frustrated with your DD services? We are here to help! An ombuds is a person who makes sure that people who are getting a certain type of service have protection and Read More

Our Programs

Programs of PAVE The Family to Family Health & Information Center (F2FHIC), helps families of children and youth with special health care needs, and the professionals who serve them, to find healthcare funding. Because children with special health care needs issues are chronic and complex, parents and caregivers are often challenged with finding the resources Read More

Promote PAVE

Promote PAVE Please click the image and share with your friends and family. Thank you for thinking of us when considering your year end giving! Suggested Wording: Choose from the options below!•Thanks to generous donors every dollar donated will be matched!  Your dollar will equal two dollars for the Youth of PAVE!  How exciting!  Please Read More

Radical Generosity Begins With You! Year End Giving 2022

Radical Generosity Begins With You! Year End Giving 2022 We’re working to lift up youth with disabilities by investing in youth! Thanks to generous donors, your donation will be matched – doubling your gift! Our youth with disabilities are providing person-centered plans for their peers!  Your donation will invest in youth facilitators listening to the dreams, Read More

Related Services in School and Beyond can Support a Child’s Development and Learning

A Brief Overview At school, related services help children with disabilities benefit from their special education by providing extra help and support. Options for related services are described in state law (WAC 392-172A-01155). If a child with public health insurance needs specific therapies to meet medical needs, their insurance company is obligated to support those Read More

StartNow! Program

Life after high school can be challenging, and transitioning to work, college, andindependent living means taking on more responsibilities. Start Now! supports studentswith disabilities in middle school, high school, and during high school transition toenvision their life beyond high school. Start Now! invites and offers interactive opportunities for all students with disabilities to explore andimagine Read More

Recovery Services: What Families Need to Know as Schools Reopen

A Brief Overview Students with disabilities who have not been fully served during years of the COVID-19 pandemic may have the right to additional school-based services to help them get back on track. These additional services may be called Recovery or Compensatory Services. Read on for information, including guidance from the federal government. A family-friendly, Read More