How to Avoid Regression this Summer

What All Parents Face During the Summer

All parents are faced with the dilemma: how to keep our children from experiencing regression once they go back to school after their summer vacation AND make sure they still enjoy their summer days without us pushing oodles of worksheets every day.

Some parents even go as far as creating a summer study schedule that sometimes gets forgotten and regression still creeps up on the family come September.

When we came across a blog by PeachJar called What is Summer Learning Loss & How Can It Be Prevented?  We were amazed to view that all that is needed for learning was at our fingertips. From language to science, website links were readily available and there was information on those sites that were available as apps for either IOS or Android.

They also have it separated by age groups! From Elementary, Middle to High School. In the blog post, written by Cara Aley, she mentions that just 3 hours a week can make a difference! So let’s prevent summer learning loss and go to Digital Learning today!

To read the blog post and access digital summer, please click on What is Summer Learning Loss & How Can It Be Prevented?