WOW Wednesday! Volunteer Spotlight at PAVE – John

As National Volunteer Appreciation Month comes to an end..( the month, not our appreciation of our amazing volunteers.) Let’s take a moment to celebrate volunteer Mr. John Goebel. 

Mr. Goebel has served over 35 years in Public Education, and has volunteered with PAVE the last 5, by organizing clinics, leading workshops and empowering students and parents throughout the school system, especially in the systems of Special Education, Individual Education Plans and his favorite transition plans.

Please join us, as we Thank Mr. Goebel for volunteering with his heart.

PAVE has a volunteer opportunity for you! Check out our next volunteer orientation class Thursday, April 25, 2019.  Contact

WOW Wednesday! Volunteer Spotlight at PAVE – Bianca

PAVE, is so grateful to work with Bianca who takes time to volunteer in the main office two to three times a week for the past three years. Bianca talks about volunteering and stepping out of her comfort zone is a learning experience for her. She is gaining new skills, mainly in computer and organizational skills but also self-confidence.  Bianca said that this will help prepare her for a job when she is ready.

The staff at PAVE love the heart Bianca brings when she volunteers.  It is making a difference in the lives that of those we serve. Come join Bianca and other great volunteers and Get Involved!