STOMP Logo - It stands for Specialized Training of Military Parents

Specialized Training of Military Parents (STOMP)

Provides one and two-day in-person workshops and one-hour webinars throughout the United States and overseas for military families and military personnel of all branches of service.  STOMP workshops and webinars are funded by the Army, Navy and Air Force who determine location and topics per installation.  The installations served during this multi-year contract have a goal of 83 (pending funding) by 2020 in partnership with parent center staff in the US and its territories.

Our Mission/Intent/Purpose

To provide information and resources so that military parents, individuals with disabilities and military personal access services.  We hope as a result of the workshops to enhance the connections and knowledge of all attendees and foster collaborative environments to further enhance family and professional partnerships.

Why Attend A STOMP Workshop?  Here are 5 good reasons

  1. Learn your educational rights as a parent of a child with a disability
  2. Future planning for your child: Wills, Guardianship, and Supported Decision Making
  3. Financial planning for your child: Special Needs Trusts and Supplemental Security Income
  4. TRICARE, ECHO, & ABA: What services can you receive from your benefits
  5. Network with parents and professionals while learning about local and community resources

Impact Data & Quotes from Attendees…

96% of our participants would recommend the workshop to others and will share the information received from the workshop.

91% of the participants feel the information received had enhanced their ability to effectively advocate for their child.

  • “Being new to the position of the SLO, the information on IEP’s and 504s have been extremely helpful to me.” A Military Professional
  • “The workshop was the best educational training I have ever been to. Very knowledgeable and answered every single one of my questions.” Military Parent
  • “Recommend development of a curriculum for ‘STOMP training leaders’-A must for pre-command courses, CGSC, and The War College. This training impacts readiness. This would give the Army to take the lead within DOD. This is about taking care of soldiers and their families at best.” Military Professional
  • “I believe that everyone needs to attend one of these. Very informative and speakers could very much relate with the struggles, goals, needs, and desire.”  Military Parent

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