Links for Military Families

Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) – ECHO may help some military families who have a family member with special needs. ECHO focuses on integrated sets of services and supplies beyond those available through TRICARE programs. Services are intended to reduce the disabling effects of a beneficiary’s condition. ECHO is only available as a supplement to TRICARE programs. If services or supplies are available through a beneficiary’s TRICARE plan, they won’t be covered under ECHO.  

The Respite Care Question for Military Children – The parents sitting in front of you are desperate for respite care. You’re very knowledgeable about respite care options in their community, but you’re not certain those will work out for this family – they’re a military family and might encounter difficulties. You’ve also heard there are military programs that might help this family, but neither you nor the parents know what they are or how to sign up for them. 

Links for Parent & Family

Arc of Washington – A statewide website with county support, resources and information focused on intellectual and developmental disability.  Look here to find your local Parent to Parent (P2P) support! 

Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) – Where to apply for respite, in home care and other state services when there is a qualifying disability

Department of Children Youth and Families  – Where to apply for early intervention services for children in Washington State, ages  Birth-3, when there is a suspected delay. DCYF also manages  child welfare for abuse and neglect and support for fostering and adoption.

Disability Rights Washington – Legal assistance, advocacy, support and resources from the disability  community in Washington 

Informing Families DDC – Statewide resources are organized by age across the lifespan and include articles and video material to address specific support needs. Material is translated into multiple languages. 

Social Security Administration -This link will get you to a starter kit to apply for Social Security Supplemental Income (SSI) for a Child.