Lessons at Home – Teaching Ideas for Parents – Modern Family Tree

Modern Family Tree – Who is your family?  Who made you who you are today?  Take a different approach to the old family tree and show who makes up your true family.

You might have done a family tree before or seen them. The traditional family tree is really good at showing who you are biologically related to. But the reality is that our family is not just the people who we are biologically related to. So we are going to do something different. We’re going to use the same template, but we are going to put in information that is a little more important, and people who are important to us, even if they’re not biologically related to us. Watch the video to find out more!

Lessons at Home – Teaching Ideas for Parents – Penny Experiment

Penny Experiment – A science experiment that you can do at home with handy household ingredients.  Learn the basics of how to conduction an experiment and modify it to find new scientific understanding.

Here is a science experiment for you! This is a twist on the old penny in soda experiment. What you are going to need for this experiment are plastic or glass cups, pennies, and some liquids that you have around your house. We are going to learn about acidic and basic substances! Watch the video to find out more!