Training – Introduction to Special Education

Students with disabilities have federal and state protections related to equity and access to Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). During a live webinar March 26, 2020, PAVE provided foundation information about student rights and special education process. A member of the Parent Training and Information (PTI) staff also answered a few questions related to educational Read More

Behavior and Discipline in Special Education: What to do if the School Calls Because of a Behavior Incident

Some disabilities make it difficult for students to manage their behavior in ways that schools expect or require. Sometimes the school calls parents, recommending the student go home. Parents need to know that students have specific rights when they are sent home because of behavior: An official suspension triggers access to disability protections. For example, Read More

Life After High School: Helping Your Student Transition into Adult Life

Making the move from high school to what happens next can be complicated. Disability conditions may add layers to the challenges, but there are protections to ease the way. This video highlights some of the ways your family can plan for a student’s high-school transition. Here are additional resources and key information for Washington State families: Read More

End-of-the Year Support! Stories to End Your Year!

  You can help families today. A gift of any amount will be used to support and help families so they can get the assistance they need. Tools to be successful. Information to navigate education and health care systems. Connections to not be alone.  If you have made a donation, thank you! Help our families amplify their voice Read More