Washington Health Plan Finder – Information You Need!

It’s that time of year again, November 1st through December 15th is open enrollment for Washington health benefit exchange. If you or a family member needs health insurance, especially if you qualify for Medicaid (Apple Health) it is imperative that you enroll by December 15th to avoid any penalties.

We know that the healthcare enrollment process can be complicated, especially if you or one of your family members have a special healthcare need or disability. Washington Health Benefit Exchange has some helpful articles and resources to walk you through the process. You can call Parenthelp123 at  1-800-322-2588  or go online at Parent help 123. They have a large knowledgeable staff of family navigators to help you understand the process, look at the plans and they can help you enroll right on the phone. If you have a child impacted by Autism, there is family support around enrollment and coverage at Washington Autism Alliance and Advocacy, they can be contacted at 425.894.7231 or by going online at Washington autism advocacy .

To begin the healthcare enrollment process head over to the Washington Health Benefits Exchange website.  If you are a new or current customer, the website will guide you through each step. Washington Health Benefit Exchange

If you think you may be eligible for Medicaid (Apple Health), Healthcare Services and Supports website guides you through the application process as well as the eligibility and income requirements.

If you are renewing your coverage, looking for new coverage, or want to compare healthcare plans. Renew your coverage

If you are looking for in-person support, 12 statewide locations will include in-person support, to include brokers and trained navigators who will be available to personally guide you in enrolling in health and dental coverage. They will help you determine whether you are eligible for Medicaid (Apple Health) or find the healthcare plan that is right for you based on your family’s healthcare needs. In-person assistance

The National Disability Navigator Resource Collaborative (NDNRC) mission is to ensure people with disabilities are receiving accurate information when selecting a healthcare plan The NDNRC website includes links that are disability specific, mental & behavioral health, and populations with special health care needs. National disability navigator

Are you having a baby? Did you lose your health coverage? Learn what the qualifying life events are that will allow you to enroll in healthcare outside of the enrollment period. Special enrollment

Learn about the required tax preparation, filing, and tax benefits when you enroll in a healthcare plan. The site includes frequently asked questions and videos to help you understand the filing process. Filing taxes

Enrolling in healthcare does not have to be complicated and confusing. There are many resources and professionals ready to help guide you through this process. Don’t wait. Enroll in a healthcare plan today!