What You Need To Know About My Child

Using the guiding questions below, prepare a one-pager of skills, challenges, concerns, and interests of your child on the next page.

Hello My Name is (Insert name)

I am (insert age) years old.

My strengths are…Some important things you should know about me are…I respond well to…
What does your child do well
(i.e. feeds self, imitates
modeled behaviors)?

What skills does your child
have (i.e. knows their

What characteristics help
them to be successful with
difficult tasks or
nonpreferred activities?

Which personality traits do
you appreciate in your child
(i.e. very social, a thinker)?
Attach a picture of your childWhat behavioral strategies
are working at home?

What visual or physical
supports have been
successful in the past?

What do you do to ease
transitions at home and in
other settings (i.e. two minute warning)?

What are some methods to
make challenges easier (i.e.
setting a timer, playing
Things that challenge me (but I am still working on) are…Some Important things you should know about me are…My likes and interests are…
What are some things you
are working on at home or in
other settings (i.e. making
eye contact, responding to
my name)?

What skills are starting to
show, but still need work (i.e.
turn-taking, signing/speaking
to indicate a need or want)?

What are some current
problem behaviors and how
are you addressing them (i.e.
stuffing too much food in
mouth – giving a handful at a
What are the most
concerning behaviors or
needs (i.e. wander risk, no
fear of danger or pain)?

What should a caretaker
know before being left alone
with your child (i.e. allergies,
health concerns)?

What behaviors does your
child do that might be
misunderstood (i.e. echoes a
question when they don’t
What does your child like
that can be used as
reinforcement for expected
behaviors (i.e. bubbles,
tickling, trains)?

What might your child find
comforting during or
following an upset (i.e.
preferred character or

What causes your child to
self-stimulate (stim) (i.e.
magnets, stacking blocks,
twinkle lights)?

Sample is below:

About me sample

Now you are ready to fill out and print your own form!