Navigating Special Education in Private School

Laws & Policies are Different: When a family chooses a private school for a student with a disability, the laws and policies for special education are a bit different than they are in a full-time public-school placement. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) mandates individualized programming for eligible students with disabilities that provide meaningful access to a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). The law also mandates Read More

How to Avoid Regression this Summer

What All Parents Face During the Summer All parents are faced with the dilemma: how to keep our children from experiencing regression once they go back to school after their summer vacation AND make sure they still enjoy their summer days without us pushing oodles of worksheets every day. Some parents even go as far as Read More

The ABCs of LRE

Students have a right to learn side-by-side with their classmates. Parents who are puzzled by all the acronyms in education can rest assured that they are not alone. LRE stands for Least Restrictive Environment. LRE is a foundational principle in special education. Our special education laws are intended to provide all children ages 0-21 with access to Read More

Suspension Know your Rights

A Dear Colleague Letter The US Department of Education (DOE), in an effort to keep families and educators informed, has produced a number of Dear Colleague Letters on topics of concern. Among these are two addressing issues around discipline, suspension/expulsion, and the use of School Resource Officers (SRO’s). These are critical topics of concern considering the Read More

How do I prepare for my IEP? What should you bring?

Preparing for a new school year brings with it much in the way of planning. We want to be sure we have new clothes and shoes for the kids, that we have gotten all the supplies on the school/class list, and have gotten our kids to begin back on their school year routines for bed Read More