The Individual Education Program (IEP)

What is an IEP? Information in this packet is based on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) PL 108-476 and the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 392-172A WAC 392-172A-03090 An IEP is a written statement developed by the parents and school personnel for the student when the student is found eligible for special education services. Read More

Technology and the IEP

Introduction Assistive technology (AT) is redefining the possibilities of children and adults who have a wide range of cognitive and physical disabilities.  In the home, the classroom, workplace, and the community, AT enables individuals with disabilities to be more independent, self-confident, productive, and more included into a variety of settings. Assistive technology includes thousands of Read More

Surrogate Parents in Education

The role of the surrogate parent in education is to assure that a student in special education receives a free appropriate public education. The surrogate parent has the same rights and interests of the parent as defined through both state and federal regulations.  There are regulations governing the identification, qualifications, and appointment of surrogate parents.  Read More

Common Core Standard Initiative

The Common Core Standards (CCS) intent is to ensure all children have access to a high quality education in Math and the English Language Arts throughout the United States. Having common education standards can ensure parents, students, and educators know the academic focus and progress that is made from year to year. Each grade has Read More

What Are Your Rights and Responsibilities to an Appropriate Education for your Child with a Disability?

As the parent of a child who has disabilities, you have the right to: Expect a free, appropriate public education (F.A.P.E.) for your child. Refer your child for an evaluation for a 504 plan and/or for special education. Meet with the school district to decide whether or not to evaluate your child to determine if he Read More