Choosing Colleges for Success: Finding Schools That Pay Attention

Pay attention to what? Pay attention to the highly-diverse needs and abilities of learners! Higher education schools don’t have the same legal obligations as public schools when it comes to providing individualized education plans, and they don’t have the same history of changing instruction and adapting teaching for different learning needs and abilities.  They ARE Read More

Justin’s Transition to College

My name is Sybille and I’m the parent of a 22 year old son, Justin, who is diagnosed with high functioning autism. I would like to share our experience with transition from high school to adulthood, as well as share a couple resources that have helped us tremendously. Justin was introduced to the Division of Read More

College Considerations for People with Disabilities: An Interview with Troy Peterson, TCC Access Services

As we continue to further understand disabilities and those who experience them, continued education is becoming more of a reality for people who, in the past, might never have completed high school. Going to college no longer seems out of the question, and we’re happy to see more individuals with disabilities pushing themselves and excelling Read More