Live Mindfully Into Practice – Ocean Breath

A yoga breath that uses sound to provide grounding and focus is called Ujjayi. The sound is made by slightly tucking the chin and exhaling through the nose with a wind-like sound deep in the throat. Ocean Breath is a simple variation that offers a way for all ages and abilities to consider taking five breaths and making a sound like the ocean on a calm day. This short video shows you how, with a view to gentle ocean waves in the background.

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Celebrate with Us!

Enjoy a wonderful night out with friends, tasty appetizers and entree, join in the dessert dash – all while giving back to such an important cause! Funds raised will support youth with disabilities!
You can purchase online or by calling 253-565-2266 ext. 103. And yes, please purchase tickets for yourself, friends, loved ones – the more the merrier! We’ll need their names and choice of entrée by Oct. 16th to guarantee their option.

How Can PAVE Help Others

When someone wakes in the middle of the night or feels that instinctual pull that tugs at them and has them wondering about their child, PAVE is there to help. We provide support, training, information and resources to empower and give voice to individuals, youth and families impacted by disabilities.

Listen to Randy and Mia, two young adults whose lives have intersected with PAVE.