Stop and Settle with Five-Fingers Breath

A reaction is not the same as a response. A reaction is instant and emotional and comes from a part of the brain wired for survival. A response requires time for thinking and planning. Sometimes waiting long enough to respond thoughtfully is hard. This video shows you how to use your own hand as a Read More

Clear the Mind with a Beach Jar

When the mind is all stirred up with anxiety, fear, anger or another emotion, thinking clearly is impossible. A homemade beach jar works like a snow globe. Shake it to create a literal version of what a murky mind feels like. Watching the contents settle creates something to do while waiting for the mind to Read More

Calm the Worry Monkey with Hot Chocolate Breath

  “Monkey Mind,” a phrase from Asian culture, provides a way to talk about feeling worried, restless, confused or anxious. Bringing attention to the breath can calm down a Monkey Mind. One simple breath practice uses an actual cup of hot chocolate or an imaginary one. Inhale the warm, comforting scent. Make an “O” shape Read More