Life After High School: Tools for Transition

Helping a student with disabilities prepare for life after high school requires thoughtful organization and planning. This presentation describes three ways to support this important time of life: High School and Beyond Plan IEP Transition Plan Agency Support Here are resources referenced in the video: OSPI Model Forms: Scroll down to find and open the Read More

Procedural Safeguards: How to File a Special Education Complaint

This training has information about parent rights and describes a process for filing a community complaint. When parents believe their child’s school has done something inappropriate related to the Individualized Education Program—their IEP—filing a complaint is one option available. This training will help you know where to get a community complaint form and walks you Read More

Quick Start Your Advocacy in Two Steps

Asking for something you want or need for yourself or someone you love can take courage and inner strength. The ask is easier when you have basic advocacy tools. This short video provides a two-step process to help advocates step into their role with more confidence. Here are the words that go with the video: Read More

Friendships & Taking Care of Yourself: PURPAS

Great takeaways: Meet new people, have fun, and talk about what you like to do! Find a good new friend, learn to take the bus, manage your money, and learn how to be more presentable. The gym helped me get more in shape and gave me my first job! “I just wanted to better myself.  Read More

Navigating Life After Early Intervention Services

Great takeaways: Get on waitlists and get engaged in community programs! Connect with other parents Grace for yourself & find what works for you! “Our children are children.  Sometimes they are not ready, and we’re not ready to handle this now.  For example, cold and flu season can be hard to start or add more Read More

Recipe for Navigating School

Great takeaways: Gain as much knowledge as possible. Know your rights as a parent and your child’s rights, as a student. Know the framework for an IEP and 504 Plans. “So that when you are ready to navigate the schools you are ready for what may come up and assure your child’s rights!  You – Read More

Self Care for Caregivers

When a caregivers needs are met, the person receiving the care will benefit as well. Some takeaways – how to take care of yourself: Set self care goals Be kind to yourself Engage in physical activities Get outdoors Get enough sleep Treat yourself Listen to your emotions Reserve quiet time Find the funny Accept help

Make Good Feelings Stick Like Velcro

This video provides a mindfulness practice to make good feelings stick like Velcro. When the mind focuses on what’s going well, stress can slide off like Teflon. We’re sort of hard-wired to do the opposite. Click to understand why and learn a trick to hack your nervous system to spend more time thinking about good Read More