Stop and Settle with Five-Fingers Breath

A reaction is not the same as a response. A reaction is instant and emotional and comes from a part of the brain wired for survival. A response requires time for thinking and planning. Sometimes waiting long enough to respond thoughtfully is hard. This video shows you how to use your own hand as a Read More

Clear the Mind with a Beach Jar

When the mind is all stirred up with anxiety, fear, anger or another emotion, thinking clearly is impossible. A homemade beach jar works like a snow globe. Shake it to create a literal version of what a murky mind feels like. Watching the contents settle creates something to do while waiting for the mind to Read More

End-of-the Year Support! Stories to End Your Year!

  You can help families today. A gift of any amount will be used to support and help families so they can get the assistance they need. Tools to be successful. Information to navigate education and health care systems. Connections to not be alone.  If you have made a donation, thank you! Help our families amplify their voice Read More