Get Ready for Summer with Camp Planning

Planning summer camp for children with special needs requires a bit of extra thinking and planning. Your initial questions might feel fear-based: Will the camp be accessible enough? Will she be safe? Will they care for him?  Will the kids be nice? Is she ready? Am I ready?  Getting organized can alleviate your fears and Read More

Washington State Offers a New Option for Employment and Housing Support

Employment and housing can be critical to good health, and the State of Washington has recognized that more supports are needed in these key areas. In January 2018, the state launched a new program to support individuals with complex care needs because of physical or mental impairments by helping them to find and keep jobs and homes.  The pilot project provides housing and employment supports to individuals who Read More

Ages 14, 16, 21 or 23. What do these ages have in common?

Ages 14, 16, 21 or 23. In the lives of youth and young adults, across WA who have various styles of learning, a disability and/or have special health conditions these ages are milestone markers on their journey to reach their destinations.   PAVE intersects in communities across WA to assist youth, young adults and their families navigate the various systems in our state, provide information on Read More

Things I Wish I Knew on Folic Acid

As a mom of a child with Spina Bifida there are a lot of things I wish I knew.  Like I wish I knew I was going to have such a sweet little GoGo (that’s the name for her wheelchair) user before I bought a house with 15 stairs straight up.  I wish I knew that it was Read More