Q&A – IEP vs 504

You Asked, We Answered! Question One: My son was evaluated by my district and they determined that he was not eligible for an IEP but recommended a 504 plan. I asked for a copy of the Evaluation Report at the meeting and was told they would get it to me as soon as it was finalized. That was Read More

Back To School for Special Education – Check List!

Step 1 Create a one-page fact sheet about your child, with a picture of your child or family attached. This will let the teacher know that your child has a family that loves and supports him or her.  Include the positives about your child and your goals for your child educationally this year. Tell the teacher Read More

Understanding Extended School Year (ESY)

What is Extended School Year? Extended school year is helpful in determining whether a student who qualifies for special education services has received a Free Appropriate public education for the school year. It can be confusing on what establishes ESY and who qualifies for the services. One of the many questions that come up is: “Will Read More

Top Ten Signs …  That You’re Going to  Have a Bad IEP Meeting

By Colleen F. Tomko Take a Moment to Laugh The IEP invitation lists “drive-thru” hours. When you get to the meeting, the staff want to know what you are doing there. They give you complimentary white flags and tissues. Your child’s student ID # is 666. They try to convince you that the attending speech Read More

Does my child qualify for Assistive Technology (AT) in school?

If your child is eligible for special education or Section 504 accommodations, then the answer is “yes” if the assistive technology (AT) is necessary to achieve a “free and appropriate public education”. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, (IDEA), states “The Individualized Education Program, (IEP), team shall consider whether the child requires assistive technology devices and Read More